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Valuation & Risk Inspection Services

Valuation Services: Adequacy of sum insured is one of the foremost consideration for proper indemnification. Sum Insured, in turn, depends upon the replacement/market value of the underlying assets. We always insist that the Client must review the sum insured every year on every renewal. If the Client is unable to revise the same, they should use appropriate price index or alternatively we suggest periodic valuation done by a professional valuer. We help our clients in reaching out to professional valuers.

Risk Inspection: While most of the risks are inspected by us for a preliminary assessment or by representative of insurers , for more complex or large risks, we suggest to our clients to have the risk inspected by Professional Risk Inspection Agencies. We help our clients in finding reputed and experienced risk inspecting firms relevant to their business. A good risk inspection not only forewarns the client against probable losses but also help us in proper presentation of the risk to the insurers for best benefit to the client.