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E-Insurance Policies

Now each of your insurance policies (whether you have purchased insurance policy through 'SPA' or not) can be maintaintained in electronic form, saving you from hassle of preserving hard copies. Your new policies too can be secured in electronic form. SPA Insurance Broking Services Ltd ('SPA') has already been granted Registration to act as an Approved Person with CAMS Repository Services Limited Our registration number is IRDA/RW/IR5/2015/019 and is valid for a period from 01/01/2016 to 31/12/2016.

You can:
  • Maintain, store and retrieve your policies and the information in them easily
  • You can modify or revise your insurance policies with speed and accuracy
  • It will help increase efficiency and transparency
  • It will reduce the cost of issuing and maintaining insurance policies
Click here to check IRDA's letter granting certificate of registration to 'SPA'.
Click here to read IRDA Guidelines on Insurance repositories.