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Buy or Renew or just Review?

As your business expands or your life changes, the types and levels of insurance policies that you need will change too. With increasing specialization in every sphere of life, your insurance administration also needs support from experts , support which is extended with complete responsibility.

We are engaged by our clients from simple review of policies to merely helping in renewal /first time acquisition of insurance policy to complete management of insurance portfolio. Having an ongoing relationship with SPA means that you can keep us informed of any changes that may affect your insurance and we can adjust your policies accordingly, formulating new cover where necessary.

We recommend against automatically renewing any policies that are due for expiry, as a review can be as simple as asking yourself whether the circumstances have changed.  

Your Relationship Manager is always available to discuss your concerns and review your existing policies to ensure that you are comprehensively covered at all times, with no shock /surprise when a claim occurs.