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Broker or going Direct to Insurer ?

A number of emerging organisations in our country face this question. Whether we should engage an insurance broker to negotiate with the 23+ approved insurers or deal direct with the insurers ourself. As an insurance broker, SPA has a duty of care to represent your interests at all times, whereas when you deal with the insurer direct they may not have duty of care in regard to representing your interests.

When we act as your preferred or exclusive broker, SPA will examine a wide range of policies and products available from a vast selection of insurance providers to determine which may be best suited for your needs; if none, we will discuss and negotiate its placement with an insurer on your behalf as a Special Contingency Product. When you deal direct with the insurer, they will select which of their products most nearly meets your needs, which may leave you exposed to losses.

At SPA, we never act as agent of any insurance company and will always be representating you.