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Following are few of the features that distinguishes SPA from its competitors:
  • Unmatched team of professionals with experience of 1000+ man years and core team's dedicated experience of 200+ man years in General Insurance Industry while individual experience of core team members varying from 25 to 50 years
  • "Par Excellence Technical Advisory" on risk covers and policy terms, comparable with services offered by the best in the industry
  • Online Access of Policy Documents, Renewal Calender
  • Online Access of Claim Status and progress
  • Critical Review/Audit of your existing insurance policies or comprehensive review of risk management practices.
  • Having upto date market intelligence and strong networking, enabling us to bargain the best prices from "Preferred Insurer" resulting in "lowest cost"
  • 24x7 availability of "a Dedicated Relationship Manager" with escalation upto 3 levels
  • Highly experienced team of over 500 employees.
  • Right from beginning of our relationship, our focus in selection of insurer to the policy wording remains to be "Prompt and Hasslefree Settlement"
  • Same level of "After Insurance Services" for endorsement, declaration, renewal as you experience at the beginning of the relationship.
  • Flexibility of Remuneration Format:
    1. We can work on various format of remunerations as mutually agreed paid
    2. As a broker, paid by insurance companies
    3. As your retainer paid periodically by the Client providing agreed services
    4. As transaction specific advisor, e.g. for settlement of a particular claim