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Specialized Services: Lender's Insurance Advisor (LIA)

Now-a-day. All large projects have major debt component. Lenders necessarily incorporate a provision of having Lender's Insurance Advisor in their Loan Agreement whose mandate is to assess the risks involved and suggest comprehensive insurance program. Working as LIA we offer same level of expertise otherwise available to our clients.

Lenders often requires that the project company takes all reasonable measures to protect the project's income stream as well capital assets. Such measures typically include a comprehensive insurance programme that provides such covers as are prudent and available from the insurance market at economically viable terms. As LIA, we review and analyse the project risks and the borrowers' insurance programme to determine wheather the programme meets lenders' requirements.

We undertake following responsibly as LIA :
  • To ensure that the insurance programme is robust and placed with best insurers
  • To provide access to specialized and experienced professionals to assess and monitor the risk transfer process.
  • To ensure that the scope of cover is as broad as the market can economically provide
  • To minimize commercial risk to sponsors of the projects
  • To ensure that the key risks are fully insured
  • To act as an outsourcee for sponsors and lenders in the insurance and risk related matters
  • To ensure that the project risks have been thoroughly reviewed and analysed.
  • To ensuring that the insurance programme has limits of indemnity and sums insured commensurate with the risk exposure