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Group Superannuation scheme

Superannuation also called Pension benefit is one of the most important benefit for your employees. This is a retirement benefit offered to employees to help them save a portion of their incomes during their tenure of employment, so as to secure their financial future post retirement.

The savings made over the years are grown by investing into superannuation plans and help to build a corpus to purchase an annuity on retirement, which will take care of their financial requirements, be it their medical needs or taking care of their loved ones.

In opting for a group superannuation scheme, the Employer can not only take advantage of tax concessions but also of profeesional fund management capability of insurers.

Sailent Features:-
  • With growing life expectacy, the cover is getting prominence
  • Law of compounding can significantly benefit employees
  • Flexibility of employee contributing at his own pace.
  • Compulsory purchase of annuity convert it into an assured retirement support.

*May vary from insurer to insurer.

The details furnished above do not constitute the entire terms and conditions. For more details on the policy, please visit our office nearest to you. Our executives will be pleased to furnish further details.

Disclaimer: - Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. The product brochure gives only the salient features of the plan. This document is not a contract of insurance and must be read in conjunction with the Benefit Illustration and Policy Document. The policy defines the terms and conditions within which the intent of the policy will be executed.