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General Insurance (Generic)

Every business enterprise is exposed to a large number of uncertainties and risks to its premises, plant and machinery, raw materials, finished Stock, packing material and other things. Goods may be damaged or lost in the process of transportation and may be destroyed due to fire or flood while in storage. As a matter of fact, business is always embedded with risk and uncertainties.

An Individual is equally faces various risks , risks to his property be it home, vehicle, jewelerry , risks to his own life due to illness , accident, death.

Some of the risks can be avoided by timely planning and precautions but some are unavoidable and are beyond the control of a business enterprise. For those types of risks, Insurance provides the best protection. After transferring risks and uncertainties of the business to the insurance company, the entrepreneur can focus on his core activity- of running the business. Also, the broker and the insurance companies bring their experience and expertise to the field of risk management. Thus, they are able to add value to the customer's business processes.

In general insurance, we classify the risks broadly on two categories based on who is the insured:

Personal Line of Insurance: Where insured is an individual or his family

Commercial Line of Insurance: Where insured is an Entity/Organisation generally engaged in business but could also include social /charitable organizations as well

*May vary from insurer to insurer.

The details furnished above do not constitute the entire terms and conditions. For more details on the policy, please visit our office nearest to you. Our executives will be pleased to furnish further details.

Disclaimer: - Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. The product brochure gives only the salient features of the plan. This document is not a contract of insurance and must be read in conjunction with the Benefit Illustration and Policy Document. The policy defines the terms and conditions within which the intent of the policy will be executed.